Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

In order to gain competitive advantage in an ever-changing business environment

It is imperative to build a flexible, agile and high performing team and cultivate an environment in which associates can thrive. In order to achieve these competing goals, it is clear evidence that diversity of culture and thought is required. Innovation is a result of impassioned people with a common purpose and complimentary skills applied through creativity.

When associates feel their contributions are valued, they feel confident presenting their ideas, no matter how different they may be.

By partnering with Paradoxical Solutions, our consultants will work with you to build diverse teams with equity and build leadership capability by enhancing recruitment, integration, and development practices for diverse talent. It is our belief that inclusive organizations with diverse leadership at the top set the stage to realizing better performance.

  • Recruitment: Our services can help you to realize what types of diverse talent could strengthen your organizational culture. Additionally, we can help you to develop talent maps and create sustainable strategic programs.
  • Onboarding: Our services utilize organizational effectiveness techniques when integrating diverse talent into a new organization or a new role. By investing time to analyze the work culture, and identify gaps, solutions may be implemented that address areas of opportunity and enhance leadership methods to ensure a culture that ensure a successful onboarding for the leaders and team alike.
  • Development & Succession Planning: Our services target associate growth within the organization and help you to identify the essential attributes needed to advance into leadership roles of responsibility. By utilizing the human capital lifecycle, we can help you to develop training & development plans that are instrumental across the associate’s career, emphasize candidate diversity and create a diverse leadership pipeline based on measurable readiness and capability.