Organization Design

What is Organization Design?

Paradoxical Solutions can help your team to better align your organizational structure with your business strategy, processes and compensation system.

Organization design is the thoughtful, actionable process of evaluating an organizational structure and aligning it with the overall business strategy. This also includes business processes that enable associates to do their job better.

Our methodology is based upon an agile, milestone-based approach that can be used for small teams or large organizations with many key stakeholders. Each milestone will be based on clear deliverables that must be agreed upon before moving into the next stage of work. Each stage builds upon the last to ensure associate readiness and engagement.

Our milestone-based approach focuses on:

  • Integrating strategy with overall business goals.
  • Evaluating power dynamics and re-crafting organizational structure.
  • Analyzing existing processes and refining according to organizational goals.
  • Developing incentives, rewards and compensation models that motivate the associate workforce.
  • Engaging associates through consultative feedback and strategic re-design.